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DVD Drive Reading CD but not DVD! CD R/RW Drive Suddenly Stopped Working!

By pcgamer808
Mar 26, 2006
  1. Haven't been here in a while, so I tried searching for solutions to this problem and couldn't quite find any that matched my situation. A few results came close but no cigar.

    Anyway here's my problem: My DVD drive just won't read DVDs! It reads CDs just fine but just won't recognize DVDs. I've had this drive for a long time now and haven't really had a reason to try a DVD-ROM until recently since Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was released. All I can really add is that it WAS an e-machines desktop until I replaced the CPU, mobo, vid card, and RAM (long time ago). I've filled in my specs where they should be filled in so feel free to check em if you need to.

    My second problem is that my CD R/RW drive suddenly stopped working after my sister burnt a CD. I was making one for her boyfriend immediately after and it just refused to work from there on.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    lets troubleshoot:

    - Update firmwares/drivers/Winupdates
    - check teh media for physical damages (scratches etc)
    - try burning with a CD-RW to test its not a bad CD batch you got
    - disable all third party burning software (nero, roxio etc) and try test with WinXP's cd burning software
    - open up the pc and check cables and such connected properly, reseat if needed
    - try on another pc
    - try this thread : https://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?p=262352
    - how long have you had it in service? it may have well died out...
  3. pcgamer808

    pcgamer808 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply.

    I've updated firmwares/drivers for the DVD drive, it still doesn't/never has recognized a DVD-ROM (I've tried all sorts of different DVDs).

    I take very good care of my media, so no scratches etc.

    Can't try burning a CD-RW in the CD drive because the CD drive doesn't recognize anything at all. The drive just sorta makes noise then tells me to insert a disc when I try to explore it manually. Same with the DVD drive when I try to put a DVD in it.

    I've always used the WINXP burning thing, so no 3rd party software for me.

    As for opening/trying on another PC, I'll try it out in a couple of days when I have access to another PC.

    I've tried the things in those threads and unfortunately, the only things I haven't tried in them require me to have a verified version of windows. ATM it's saying I was a victim of piracy or something because my key is identified as a key that would be given if a business were to use a bunch of windows OSes.

    As for how long I've had the drives, I've had them both for about 3 years now. The DVD drive I've never really used at all (trying to preserve it for DVDs and never really tried putting DVDs in it until now) and the CD drive I've been using quite a bit, not too much though. I think it's really strange how it burnt my sister's CD 100% just fine, then just died out and refused to recognize any more CDs.

    I guess I'll try the opening and trying the drives in another computer in a few days when I have the chance, but other than that, I'm still stumped. Thanks much for the reply though.
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