DVD drive startup troubles

By muljator
Dec 1, 2009
  1. today i bought a new dvd drive, becouse my old one was very naughty and wouldn't do it's job properly. i also got myself a new gpu.(ati 5770).
    so when i changed my gpu's and instaled the new dvd drive (sony optiarc ad 5200a ata) a problem ocured.
    every time i turn my pc on i have to wait around 60 seconds to see the boot screen.
    i turn on the power and the drive makes a sound like it's reading a dvd (although it's empty), and it lasts about a minute before i hear the beep sound and the bios screen apears. i tried putting the old dvd drive back in, but he suffers the same illnes now.
    maybe it has something to do with the new gpu, i also switched power cables form the old one(geforce 8800gts) becouse it died on me a week ago, just to be sure.
    i doubt it's the psu becouse it's powerfull enough form my system( seasonic 650w).
    my motherboard is asus p5n32-e sli plus. the dvd drive is ide. the cpu is oc'ed.
    i tried switching the jumpers on the back of the drive to all 3 positions but with no result.
    if anybody had similar problems i would apriciate some help.
  2. Renegeek

    Renegeek TS Enthusiast Posts: 93

    it sounds like a power supply issue... 650 watt pw, does not mean anything... its the amps on the 12v line. if its like 15 to 20 watts... (then no go) u need new pw...

    if its 30 to 40 amps, then you pw is good, and then it would be something else that is giveing u problems.

    hope this helps
  3. muljator

    muljator TS Rookie Topic Starter

    how do i check the amps on psu? do i have to use some special tool, or is it posible to see with some program on pc.
    also i switched my radeon 5770 with radeon x800 and the system booted fine. is it possible that the motherboard doesn't provide enough power trough the pci slot. i tried dissconecting everyrhing apart from one hdd and gpu, and it still took 40 sec to see the bios screen, instead of the dvd reading sound, now the gpu fan would spin faster and slower for 40 sec and then it would boot up.
    i don't understand how it can be the power supply, becouse system runs fine even when under heavy load (modern games, bechmarks) it's just that the computer takes a minute to show the boot screen.
    it's just very annoying, and i don't know if it could have serious sideffects in the future.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Amperage will show on the label on the PSU. It does 'sound' like a power issue, but you might try hooking it all up like you want, then disconnecting the power and resetting the cmos (typically a jumper), then hooking the power back up and turning it on.
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