DVD drive suddenly doesn't read any disks

By schettlerpantz
Feb 28, 2005
  1. DVD drive suddenly doesn't read anyDVDs

    I've had a LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4081B since september of 2004 and it had been working great. After returning from a weeks vacation, it will no longer play authentic DVDs, and displays the error message "please insert disk into drive D:". . It still correctly reads CDs when inserted, and I have tried uninstalling/installing the hardware as well as powerDVD.
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    Do you have a bootable cd?

    Pop that thing in and restart, making sure you've got it set to boot from cd. If it won't boot from your dvd drive then you drive is dead :blackeye: .

    If it boots, then its a problem with Windows. My suggestion for that would be to uninstall the drive through add remove hardware. I'd also uninstall PDVD while you are at it, and maybe even Nero or Roxio. Then reboot and let windows detect the drive again.
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    I had the exact problem with an old IBM Thinkpad laptop that had a toshiba DVD ROM. It all of a sudden(according to the owner) just stopped reading dvds, but it read cds fine. I tried everything from unistalling/reinstalling the drviers and updating it with the latest firmware. I came to the conclusion that the problem was in the hardware, so I replaced the DVD ROM and everything worked fine. I know that replacing your DVD ROM isn't what you wanted to hear, but if you just got it last year, the warranty should cover a replacement.
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