DVD-ROM not working

By legitproxy
Mar 31, 2010
  1. So here is my problem. one day my sound stoped working out of the blue. no audio output device found or something like that...i read so many forums to try and fix it but in the end i couldnt do it. I then decided to reformat my laptop currently running Windows 7 back to Windows vista (factory settings). I was going to use my back up disc that i made back when i first got my laptop. My DVD-ROM wont open. So then i went under My Computer and I saw that it was instead listed as BD-ROM...not to sure why. So i restarted my laptop (HP dv9815nr) and I was able to open my DVD-ROM and plop in the back up disc. I went and changed the boot order to where the DVD-ROM is first, and saved it. It did not boot from the ROM and the only time I can open the DVD-ROM is when the laptop is starting up, but after I see windows loading, it wont open anymore i believe. I havent tried testing when exactly it wont open. So now i cannot reformat my laptop. Any idea?
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    oh yes, thats right i forgot to mention that when I did successfuly get the dvd disc into the ROM, of course it wont read it, i open My computer and try to open the BD-ROM and it says "Please insert a disk into BD-ROM Drive(D:)" and i saw this solution online and tried it:

    Then delete the upper and lower filters"

    I dont see any upper or lower filters so I guess that wasnt my problem.
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