Dvd Writers Not Regognised By Explorer (device Problems)

By ChrisH2509
May 30, 2007
  1. Hi, I hope that somebody can help me with this.
    I have a Dimension 4500 2.4Mhz on XP Home Ed 2002 SP2.
    I have two DVD writers that suddenly stopped working one day, for no apparent reason.
    They show up OK in setup. In devices they both show correctly but both with the yellow exclamation mark " ! " for some reason. They do not show in Windows Explorer, in DOS or any other software.
    Power is OK, drivers installed OK, have swapped drives and leads and no change. The drives used to show as E: and F:, as I have C: and D: for hard drives. Now there is simply no E: or F: or anything else outside the hard drives. Tried the writers individually in case of clash but no joy, switched masters to slaves, etc.
    Looked at ASPI, various versions. Nothing doing.
    Very annoying, would appreciate any suggestions as I am temporarily out of ideas after many days of work on the problem. Not looking to re-load XP as it never works easily and would probably end up in re-doing the whole computer which would take months that I cannot afford. Its starting to feel like a hardware problem but I suppose could still be software.
    thanks, Chris 30/05/07
  2. CCT

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  3. ChrisH2509

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    Fixed - Thanks For Your Help Cct

    Although not prefectly descibed by Microsoft's notes ie. refers to error message types and numbers, whereas I had no messages, seems to have done the job. Great, much obliged CCT.
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