Dynamic Email to Fax forwarding without an expensive fax service?

By Karmashock
Sep 18, 2008
  1. There are a lot of faxing programs that will forward faxes to other fax machines and email faxes.

    But it seems the only way to get dynamic email to fax is to pay some outrageous monthly fee.

    Basically what I'm looking for is a program that polls a single email address every few minutes and looks for a special init string in the subject such as SENDFAX:310-492-5832 . This should trigger the automatic faxing of the email to the specified phone number... sending the body and any attachments to that destination.

    I've been playing around with a lot of fancy faxing software lately and they seem to offer every feature under the sun but this one. This seems strange to me because it seems like the best way to handle faxes.

    Image an office work place where everyone is using the fax machine. Instead you have one computer with three or four modems... you email whatever you need faxed to the company email server or gmail etc... and bang... faxing taken care of... ideally you should get a confirmation message back once the fax has been successfully sent. It would work from anywhere in the world, would be compatible with everything, and you could even have slightly different email addresses for different fax servers. So 310@companyemail.com would fax out of the 310 area code... or 818@companyemail.com would fax out of the 818 area code.

    Does anyone know of such software or did I just come up with a truly brilliant idea that no one has jumped on yet... because I find that unlikely (I think you could probably make more money selling the software then the service).
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