e machine hdd question

By vanrebl
Mar 5, 2006
  1. a friend of mine ...has a e machine W2686 and it wont boot didnt want to loose info on the hard drive so didnt want to use rescue disks......my question is when i took out the hdd and put it on my machine to see what was on it the only thing that came up was 2 files ...1 dosnt say what type of file it is ...it just says file it is 1,048,577 kb the other is a .reloc file 0 kb
    that is all that i see on there ..i selected to see all files and all in control panel .....it is a wd 80 gb hd but when i look at properties it says 6.72 mb used and 3.37 mb free space.....can anyone also tell me if e machines are partitioned and maybe i am not seeing the rest of the hdd???? oh can you reformat emachines and install xp on them
    any help would be appriciated ty

  2. Samstoned

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    you can try right click my computer go to manage
    scroll to disk management if you can config here your ok
    right click on drive info hope you can see the whole drive
    you may need 3rd party softs to see the whole drive and copy files
    also good utilitys for recover of data O&O recovery and file scavenger
    may need to use a boot disc disk manage tool
    some free some better if ide try the disl manu's website
    if sata or scsi harder because need special drivers on boot
  3. vanrebl

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    first ty for your fast responce... :)

    I did as you suggested ....in computer managment in the partition screen top right it says healthy active 10 mb 3 mb free but in bottom right screen says disc 1 E: 74.53 GB Fat.... is it because there is only a 10 mb partition on it and needs to have another partition added cause it got deleted?

    thanks again
  4. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    in management the partitions will show from left to right (same drive)
    the next down is the other drive
    fat32 cannot read ntfs but ntfs will read fat
    that is why you can't see(maybe)
    I would suggest you dwnld a boot utility that will copy the main drive your drive.
    you will need to convert to ntfs
    look here ------->>>fat to ntfs
    now you might be abe to read the drive and save there data

    good luck
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