Easytune 5 problems

By Jeff_Ireland
Nov 1, 2005
  1. Well I had Easytune 4, with my CPU OC'd from 1.9GHz to 2.3GHz, and I recently upgraded my computer, and decided to get the latest version instead in hopes of it being better. So here I am with Easytune 5, but it will only let me click on PC Health and it has the other options (Overclocking, CIA MIB, Smart Fan) greyed out. i went into the BIOS and could only find one thing dealing with the overclocking type thing, and set it to manual to see if it helped, but of course it didnt. Any help with this would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. Tommy f

    Tommy f TS Rookie

    Yeah I got the exact same problem. All buttons except PC health are grey.
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