EEPROM Bug (SB Audigy)

By Rohas21
Nov 7, 2003
  1. Anything yet with this stupid bug of Audigy ???

    I hope they don't repeat the same bug under Audigy 2....

    Found that EEPROM re-programmed under some Compaq models... (no compaq access for me)

    Creative still persists that this happens only for Abit motherboards...
    Mine is Soltek so i don't have this bug,although

    i hope that Creative would realise that there is something wrong with their Audigy than keep saying that is Motherboard's fault....

    TIPS : install XP with DISABLE ACPI
    (when install XP press F5 at the the very moment moment that blue screen comes until new window shows.Then choose standard PC-no ACPI)
    DO NO PLUG IN OLDER PCI CARD (like LAN) which are NON - ACPI

    i hope that someone makes a flash programme so everyone can just flash EEPROM to programme it with the right values. :D
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