El Gordo Spanish Sweepstake SCAM

By RealBlackStuff
Jan 16, 2004
  1. Today I received a letter from El Gordo Spanish Sweepstake Lottery SA, C/Carraca de Mayor 4-9, 08905 Barcelona, Spain.
    Tel: 0034 625 954 815, Fax: 0034 655 331 332

    I was informed that may name had come up as a winner of € 785,510.00, which money had been deposited with Dinamico Seguros SA. If I want to claim it, I am to contact Mr Juan Pedro Lucas on Fax 0034 657 045 593 or Tel. 0034 616 055 079 (Notice all the different area codes ? rbs). If I don't claim before 29 March 2004, all funds will be returned to the Ministry de Economic y Hacienda.
    Signed by Don Jose Maria Trielo, Managing Director.

    Of course the claim wants me to send my full name, address etc, as well as all my bank details and I am to supposed to keep all this TOP SECRET.

    The letter was full of spelling mistakes, and printed on cheap paper, using el cheapo inkjet printer.

    As was to be expected, this is all a HOAX, but apparently a very world-wide spread HOAX.
    IGNORE it if you get anything like that.

    If you are interested, see more here:
  2. ahsan94

    ahsan94 TS Rookie

    First Day in the forum

    Hello everyone today is my first day of joinning to this forum and i hope i will get enough information on tech support from this forum

  3. ahsan94

    ahsan94 TS Rookie


    Today i got a call from the bank in midrid and they also send me the fax which shows the deposit certificates and their No. with BANCO SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO can u tell me what does it mean and they r keep calling me.

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