Emachine #2792 Replace Motherboard with what?

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I have an Emachine #2792 and I think the mother board went out.
I replaced the power supplied with 350w and still can't get it to boot up.
All it does is the light on the front pannel goes on and off really fast, but the
CPU fan runs. I had heard that these machines only last about two years and that is how long I have had it. I would like to know if it would be worth putting in a new mother board. I heard that they do not make the same mother board.
The sep. are: CPU,CELERON 2.7GHZ 478P 128k F400, FDD Model:FDD, SFD-321B/LTGNQ
Old mother board is a IMPERIAL GV-MBEM100979IM
If anyone could help that would be great.


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that is a socket 478 mobo. you can get a good Asus P4P800SE if your case takes a standard sized ATX board.


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one thing i notice, every time an emachines power supply goes bye bye, it takes the board with it. think they got that planned? and its almost like clockwork, about 2 years.
You need a micro atx socket 478 motherboard from what I can tell.
Unless you can get the exact same board(which might be difficult), then you will have to reinstall win xp, and the discs that came with the machine might not work to do that(or might not be legal to do so).
Here's a board that would work, but would probably require the purchase of a new copy of xp.

This board might be the same as your current board, I'm not 100% sure though.
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