EMachine T3104 Turning Off

By CrazedEMOwner
Sep 13, 2008
  1. Okay my EMachine has a nasty habit of turning itself off during running high performance applications. Playing games is when I mainly notice it happening, it'll be running fine for awhile, then I just get a black monitor and the computer essentially turns off. (the blue power light remains lit for a little time, but I'm disconnected from my applications.)

    So I'm wondering if it would most likely be the PSU or if there is another explanation for this. For the record the computer has never to my knowledge turned off during any light usage periods, it runs fine browsing the web and playing the pre-installed Windows games. And it's running XP in case that matters.
  2. Route44

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    It sounds like a heat issue to me. Gaming and high performance applications will put an increased load on all your components especially the CPU and Video card creating a lot of heat.. The system will shut down rather than suffer damage.

    Check your air flow and case fans. Especially check your CPU fan and Video Card fan. Video cards can especially heat up.

    You can test your system temps through CPU-Z, SIW, and Everest Home Edition.
    They are all free. The EHE has been discontinued since 2005 but the other two are up-to-date. I especially love SIW. Its sensor will tell you the temps.
  3. CrazedEMOwner

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    Thanks, I'm pretty sure you were right. I ended up taking the side panel off and placing a small fan near it and it hasn't had any problems since then. I know this is most likely a very rudimentary fix, but heres to hoping this will keep it going.
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