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Oct 25, 2007
  1. I have an emachine T2984 that won't boot up...no lights, no fans, no noise. I replaced the power supply (ATX-250-12E) and still the machine won't do anything. The unit is two years old and I am interested in fixing it myself. Does anyone know the fix for this machine?
  2. Cinders

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    When your power supply blew it took the motherboard with it. You may be able to find an inexpensive replacement Emachines board on ebay. I looked and there isn't one at the moment. If you purchase a new (non Emachines) motherboard your Windows install CD will not work on it. Your current motherboard should be a SEABREEZE T3
  3. pwilder

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    Thanks for the reply. I suspected the mobo and you confirmed this. I'll check on ebay.
  4. Tedster

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  5. pwilder

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    I believe it's fried. I'm going to buy a new PC
  6. pwilder

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    I was told by an emachine support tech that my board is an INTEL SEABREEZE D845GVSR
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