Emachines doesn't stock OEM mobo-aftermarket suggestions??

By 30yowb
Dec 25, 2005
  1. Hi. I'm currently working on a T2245 emachine. I have come to the conclusion that the mobo and psu are bad. The machine is out of warranty of course. The EMA parts site does not stock the oem board nor could it be found on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. So, for the sake of saving 90$ for a fresh copy for xp home I was hoping to replace the mobo with an aftermarket. The OEM is an imperial glve with Intel 845GL Chipset. I've heard of people using a mobo with the same chipset without having to buy anything additional. My cousin bought this computer new from BBy and paid WAY too much then and still owes a lot. So the cheaper the solution the better. If anyone has any suggestions of a mobo that would work in conjunction with the restore disks I would love to hear them.
    Thanks in advance
  2. hewybo

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    I don't know anything about eMachines- you might google for a similar board, and , if you find one, try the recovery discs. I tried that from an old Compaq, and it wouldn't allow it. I got away with re-installing XP Pro onto a new mobo by using the "repair previous installation," but you'd have to have the installation disc, not hte recovery ones. You say the PSU and the mobo are bad, did you check the mobo using a known good PSU?
    If not, that could be the only problem. If so, you can get a fully functional OEM Windows XP Home for around $60 at www.edirectsoftware.com. I got one for my mom's, and it works fine. Not pirated, guaranteed genuine, with install key. Then you could get a decent replacement mobo at newegg, etc. Good luck!
    Merry Christmas! :bounce:
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    replacing the mobo witht he saem model of chipset isnt going to allow you to install XP from Emachine recovery disks. because the recovery disk is going ot access the bios and when it shows it is not an emachine it will abort the install.

    you can however make a standard XP disk from your recovery disk.

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