Epic Quest to choose an ATI card

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Jul 12, 2007
  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814195030

    This is the card i'm looking at, i don't want to get an uber card since im going to use the crossfire feature. But before i get it i wanted to make sure there isn't a better card someone could reccomend to me or if i overlooked something. Thanks for helping out.
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    @LXIX, are you sure you have the budget and hardware to go Crossfire? Crossfire needs a hefty PSU and extra cooling, not to mention a monitor capable of running ultra-high resolutions which Crossfire is made for.
    As for the card, the X19xx series is a better pick, the PRO being the superior card to the GT. Both are the same really, but the PRO comes with better cooling and higher frequencies, so you can OC it further to around XT speeds.
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    Latitude D820

    i bought a laptop from someone but he din't give me the password and i cant find him.and i cant log in . whenever i switch it on it asks for administrator password which i dont have. please help.

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    Make your own thread mate. No queries unrelated to LXIX's query will be answered here.
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    i haven look at any card for a while now will someone explain crossfire techno to me shortly? and 8800gtx god amon cards ... and men, dolphins too!
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    @LXIX, for $10 more than that X1650XT, you can get an X1950XT from Newegg that is vastly superior to the X1650XT and that too for a minimal price difference.
    @0mega9401, look here.
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    Ohhh thanks for the tip, i've been reading that the ATI cards require a really good psu. that shouldn't be a problem for mine right. since i went out of the way to buy a good one, i didn't feel like skipping on my psu.
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