Epic says: We need 64-bit today

By Julio Franco
Feb 25, 2003
  1. In response to this article posted at ZDNet a couple of days ago (we posted about it as well), Tim Sweeney, the man at Epic Games posted the following on Slashdot news comments:

    Intel's claims are wholly out of touch with reality. On a daily basis we're running into the Windows 2GB barrier with our next-generation content development and preprocessing tools.

    If cost-effective, backwards-compatible 64-bit CPU's were available today, we'd buy them today. We need them today. It looks like we'll get them in April.
    Any claim that "4GB is enough" or that address windowing extensions are a viable solution are just plain nuts. Do people really think programmers will re-adopt early 1990's bank-swapping technology?

    Many of these upcoming Opteron motherboards have 16 DIMM slots; you can fill them with 8GB of RAM for $800 at today's pricewatch.com prices. This platform is going to be a godsend for anybody running serious workstation apps. It will beat other 64-bit workstation platforms (SPARC/PA-RISC/Itanium) in price/performance by a factor of 4X or more. The days of $4000 workstation and server CPU's are over, and those of $1000 CPU's are numbered.

    Read the rest here.
  2. Tired of playing the game call "Marketing"

    Intel was holding their 64bit CPU for a long time. To gain the marketing avantage, they're waiting AMD to release 64bit so they can counter attack with opponent's weak point analysed. These sucking marketing was surely WOMBAT for human society.

    Maybe SF writers like Issac Asimov think that human can live in space in 2000. But the politics and untrust between humans delay everything, including evolution.

    To eliminate the untrust and doubt between humans, I think the idea of Open Source is great, but still one problem remains ... how can somebody did it for almost FREE? First they have to earn a living, if too many people on earth, how can everyone have a job? ... That's why you won't see many Open Source project in China because everyone was seeking an acceptable living standard.

    Sorry if I talk some irrelevant here ....
  3. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    I'd rather hear a more reliable source on the matter to be honest. The guys at Epic have said an awful lot, much of which turns out to be wrong, e.g. Kyro 2's would perform slower than a geforce 2mx in the unreal engine. Similarly they also said EAX 1/2 would be used with soundcards that didn't support EAX Advanced HD in UT2003. Again, this wasn't/isn't the case.
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