Epson R800 printer Firewire driver Problem

By Rayinnj
Nov 27, 2004
  1. Hi all,

    I am having problems updating and/or re-installing the printer driver for an Epson R800 printer using Firewire comm. on a WinXp SP2 machine. This printer previously worked fine on this same PC with the original driver on the Epson CD. The problem now occurs with either the original or updated drivers.

    When I turn on the printer to start installing the Epson drivers
    (after first uninstalling the original driver via Add or Remove programs in Control Panel) a balloon comes up that says:

    "Found New Hardware - EPSON 1394.3 Device",

    then a "Device Installer Error" popup window comes up that says:

    "Windows could not load the installer for EPSON1394D3PRINTER. Contact your
    hardware vendor for assistance."

    I was on the phone with Epson for over an hour. They suggested that I
    uninstall SP2 and/or try the printer driver installation on another machine.
    Uninstalling SP2 did not fix the problem on this machine. I tried installing
    the drivers on a Win2000 Pro laptop and the drivers install and printer works OK. So the problem is not with the printer.

    I have other firewire devices on this PC and they are working fine. I
    have tried re-installing the 1394 controller drivers and no luck.

    Does anybody know what the above errors mean? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

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    Apart from uninstalling the software through Add/Remove Software, you will also need to go into Add/Remove Hardware. Select Remove and "Show hidden devices". Now remove all instances of anything to do with that Epson.
    If XP does not have Add/Remove Hardware, go into Device Manager, using similar options. Tell Windows to uninstall all those Epson bits.
    You could do the same for Firewire, but that means having to re-install the currently working stuff as well.
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