Error 100000d1

By cycosis
Mar 18, 2009
  1. I too am having the 100000d1 error message.
    This is on 4 new HP PCs.

    3 of them purchased/setup last week have SP3 installed
    1 of them purchased/setup last month has SP2 installed

    Memory checked out okay on all 4.
    I have been experimenting on the SP2 machine all morning and tried driver verification tool. Driver tool failed once with generic 0x000000C4, so I removed SAV and tried again with no errors.

    I tried analyzing the minidump files on this machine but they don't tell me much, so I'm not sure if I am viewing them properly. Can someone please look at the minidumps and tell me what you think? I am moving to one of the SP3 machines now to get those minidumps as well.

  2. Route44

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    kimsland will probably move this to the BSOD forum found in the Windows OS board. That being said...

    All your errors are 0xD1 and these are usually caused by faulty drivers. In your case all five cite the driver iaStor.sys which is by Intel to give Windows more access to the harddrive. In short, iaStor.SYS is a disk controller driver.
  3. cycosis

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    Thank you VERY much for the information. Armed with the information you gave me, I discovered this little gem in the storage driver update description on the HP page:

    - Fixes an issue where a "blue screen" event D1 occurs under certain
    configuration and stress environments.

    Out of curiousity; I used dumpchk.exe to attempt to read the minidump file and did not see anything to indicate iastor was the issue. What tools do you use to get that much information from the file?

    Thank you once again. I have updated all 4 PCs and hopefully that will be the end of it!
  4. Route44

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