ERROR: 16 bit Windows Subsystem - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file

By ajitpingle
Jun 25, 2006
  1. [B]Solution: Some applications require 16 bit Windows technology which requires a valid AUTOEXEC.NT file. Before following the process below you should be aware that it's possible the user could have a corrupted AUTOEXEC.NT file. Following the process will replace that file and eliminate the corruption, but since viruses have been known to cause corruption of the AUTOEXEC.NT file, you should inform the user to run a virus scan on their system to eliminate any possibilities of a threat.

    Have the user:

    1. Browse to "%windir%/repair/" (usually "C:\WINDOWS\repair")
    2. Right-Click and Copy the AUTOEXEC.NT file
    3. Browse to "%windir%/system32/" (usually "C:\WINDOWS\System32")
    4. Right-Click inside the window and Paste the file [/B] [COLOR=Red]Red[/COLOR]
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    Lotus Notes Problem: "Illegal Circular USE" error messages when trying to perform an

    Resolution: Determine which copy of mail file is causing the problem, and walk the user through the steps to replace the mail template on the appropriate mail file.

    IMPORTANT: Before proceeding make sure you have the user confirm what version of the mail template they are using. Also, have them close any
    copies of their mail that they may have open. This includes if they have the mail database on the Welcome page, the best option is to have them close the
    welcome page.

    Go to View -> Stack Replica Icons and make sure there is not a checkmark there. (If there is a checkmark there, remove it before you continue.)
    Single left-click on the server copy of the Mail Database
    Click File -> Database -> Replace Design.
    Click the Template Server button and choose the user's Mail Server.
    Choose the appropriate IBM Mail Template
    Click Replace.
    After this completes, close down the Mail Database and return to the Notes Workspace. Reopen the Mail Database and ensure correct functionality.
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