Error during cloning process

So I wanted to clone my d , c drives to my new ssd kingston a400 480gb. I used macrium reflect to the clone. I had enough of space (like 150gb). And at 99% cloning process I got error 9. Then I restarted my pc because I thought that clone process failed and did not finish. And now I cant access my ssd disk. It does not not show any empty space or gbs used. I will provide screenshots once I am home.
Please help, I hope I did not ruin my ssd.


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Please help, I hope I did not ruin my ssd.
If your SSD is bad. It was nothing you or the software did that ruined it. Assuming you have a machine with cables. Check all your cables with the machine powered off. Then power back on to see if they had lost connection. Try a different port, if you have one available.
First check whether the SSD connected properly or not. If it's connected properly and still you can't access then try connecting the SSD drive to another system & check whether its accessible or not.

If there is no issues found with the SSD then there might be issue with the cloning process. Hopefully, there is some connection issue or power issue only, however, if there is an SSD issue then I suggest you to go for replacement.


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There was no need to 'clone' 'D', only 'C'. So maybe that's what caused the issue if you tried to do both in one operation. Reflect is a superb tool for cloning/Imaging, and I've used it many times without any issues whatsoever. All the contents of D could have just been copied over once you'd cloned your C drive/partition.