Error installing vista

By mvtaylor
Apr 12, 2007
  1. Right well once again i'm here to leech off people who know what they're doing, my apologies.

    Basically i'm installing it on a brand new computer and I get as far as the 'Where do you want to install windows?' screen. It then tells me there are no drives to install it to I have a 250GB Sata Hard drive (it's the Sata bit thats causing the problem right?).

    I tried my best at solving it and the problem seems to be that I need new bios for my motherboard (?).

    I have an Asus P5ND2 SE and assume the bios I need are version 1.04.12 from:

    If someone can just confirm I am doing the right thing that will be much appreciated.

    From here I simply unzip them, burn them to a CD and then insert the CD when vista gets to that stage, browse for them and erm... tada it will detect it?

    I found this:

    I guess thats also the problem but I can't understand what it's on about...

    So erm please help / reassure me, if you need me to post more information then i'll try. Thanks in advance

    EDIT - Well I got them and chucked them on the disk but it didn't do anything... AAAAAARGH WHY THE HELL DID I BUY VISTA
  2. mvtaylor

    mvtaylor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    You can now delete / close / ignore the topic as I finally fixed it. :giddy:
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