Error loading OS after failed Linux install/partition creation

By germanicus
Sep 2, 2007
  1. Hey people,

    I just got here and Im absolutely desperate since I needed to get this done quickly and it ended up turning into a nightmare - I guess the wanting to do it fast played a major role here, but oh, its done. When booting my computer it gives me the "Error loading operative system".

    *This is what I had:

    Primary disk (hda) with 2 partitions with Windows XP on them
    C: (10 GB) and E: (70 GB)

    Slave disk (hdb) with 1 partition with Windows XP on it
    D: (40 GB)

    *This is what I did in order to create a small partition so I could install Linux in it and get my uni assignment done, and that ended up giving me the error:

    Created a new partition in the Primary disk, after E: of some 10 GB, memory donated by E:, naming it "Linux"

    Deleted the new partition in order to have unallocated memory - I have no idea about computers but a friend told me to do so.

    Ran the Kubuntu 7.04 Live CD and went through the installation process, assigning Kubuntu the largest free space, thus the one I had just created was going to be formatted.

    The installation got stuck at 15% and thats as far as it went. I didnt turn the computer off thinking maybe it would resurrect the process, but it never moved again.

    I rebooted taking out the Kubuntu Live CD and before Windows XP started loading I got the black screen message: Error loading operating system...

    *This is what I think could have caused it:

    The failed installation of Linux - however that had already happened to me (getting stuck at 15%) and I could normally reboot XP, the only difference is that this time I just let the computer on for several hours.

    The partition I created/deleted in the Primary disk - I had already done the exact same thing but in the Slave disk, and also could reboot afterwards normally.

    Im sorry for not being able to provide you with more technical background but Im not good at computers, and have no idea what to do now, and I dont know what is important or not in order to get this fixed.

    Do you think there's a chance of me getting all my data I had in the XP partitions back? Or should I concede defeat here?

    I would welcome so much any kind of help, however Im not skilled at these procedures, so if you know the solution I kindly ask you to explain me step by step what to do next, and what's the best and worst possible aftermath.

    Many thanks!!
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