Ethernet ports in house not working

I quit gaming because my pc had such bad internet from my wifi extender and this was about a year ago and I'm trying to get back into gaming but I want to use ethernet for the fastest speeds. So my pc is in the second floor and the router is on the first floor. So you can see the problem that they are too far apart to be simply connected. But luckily there is a port in the wall by the router that's says 'cat 5E' and is labeled 'A' and another is also upstairs by my pc that is also labeled 'A' and is cat 5E. So plugged a ethernet cord from the router to the wall port by it and then I plugged another ethernet cable into the other port upstairs and the other side into my pc. But no matter what I try there is no internet. Shouldn't the ethernet go from my router, through the connection all the way to my pc upstairs. I even unscrewed the plate on one of the ports in the wall to check if it was damaged but it looks fine. So why is there no ethernet going to my pc guys??😭😭 I am so angry at this I really wanted to play the new five nights at freddy's game.


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If you hire a local IT guy we carry a device like this:

It is used to see which of the 8 wires are damaged. You don't need all 8 for it to work but you need all 8 if you want Gigabit speeds (1000Mbs). When I have done this type of service call I sometimes find that whoever installed the CAT5 cable may have pulled too hard and broke the wire inside. When that happens I can pick a twisted pair that isn't broken and just custom wire the remaining good wire to at least achieve 100Mbs which should be good enough for gaming =)

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Yeah man you either need a cable tester or need to find someone who has one. It is quite common for these jacks to either have a damaged cable or not have a good punchdown at the ends.