EU may ban ISPs from throttling, blocking sites as net neutrality talks underway


TS Evangelist
In a move to bolster net neutrality across Europe, EU officials are discussing plans which would prohibit ISPs from blocking or throttling online sites and services. Currently, the Netherlands is one of the few areas to implement their own strict...

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TS Redneck
Sounds good to me. Blocking sites should be a user preference. Perhaps one day sites will be categorized to allow for user preference.


I think throttling and such activity should be illegal for all users pay for the service so who made the isp gods to decide who is more important. All users have the right to have their communication forwarded for they payed for it. As far as p2p illegal software downloads that is not and should not be the isps place to police.


TS Rookie
Sounds to good coming from the EU - Little voice in my head is saying "keep your eye on the other hand" typical illusionist trick, dazzle people with one hand while the other does the sneaky stuff....

Lets not forget: the EU also wants to firewall Europe much like China blocking out alter-media and news channels they think you should not be watching...


Well, maybe we should all be told what we should be doing, watching and looking for on the internet (for the good of all Almighties and well being of the economy and it's fathers). Don't we all need a mama to guide us through the life ? And those who stray, shouldn't be punished ?