Everything is choppy on HDTV @ 1920x1080 (2x 560ti SLI)

By Schmutz
Jul 19, 2011
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  1. Problem:

    It is difficult to explain correctly but there is stuttering/choppy performance on games/videos and all content on my HDTV @ full screen when I connect the PC to it via DVI->HDMI converter+ 3M HDMI cable.

    When I am using standard computer monitors (connected via DVI cables) performance is fine and everything runs properly. When I connect games consoles to the TV, everything is fine. The PC to TV connection/configuration is where my problem exists.

    I get proper framerates in games. Even running on the HDTV I get good frame rates but there is bad stuttering to the motion. For example Street Figther Arcade edition was running at 300-400FPS but the motion was terrible! Likewise, playing Blu rays from the PS3 is fine, but running them off the PC yields stuttery/choppy performance on the HDTV.


    It seems that this is related to software configuration. Or perhaps, the HDMI cable and DVI->HDMI converter can't handle the bandwidth for 1920x1080? I don't want to overlook anything. Running games or video content full screen has choppy playback. When I come out of full screen mode and into "windowed" (by pushing alt+enter for example) the motion is much better.

    I am sure some of you have experienced stuff like this so please help me out!

    For reference:

    i7 2600K @ 4.4Ghz
    16GB RAM
    2x 560ti SLI
    Crucial M4 128GB SSD
    Windows 7 64bit

    Latest Nvidia drivers
    Using ULTRAMON for display profiles (I can confirm the problem is NOT related to this software)
    The HDTV gets "recommended" a smaller resolution of ~1366x768 which may be worth noting. It is a 1080p television and 1920x1080 works fine apart from the motion problem. Also I use 60Hz for the refresh rate and I can't seem to change this at all.

    PC displays: Dell Ultrasharp U2711/Samsung 245B

    HDTV: Toshiba 42" LED

    W/100HZ motion plus (problem exists whether this feature is on or off)

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