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Explorer.exe crashing after 2-3 seconds

By ChrisLam
Aug 4, 2007
  1. The process explorer.exe is crashing every time I try to restart it. I logon, explorer starts for 1-3 seconds then disappears. I Ctrl+Alt+Del, File>New Task, type "explorer.exe" (without quotes obviously) then it runs, then disappears after 1-3 seconds. When in Task Manager, I choose run and browse for explorer.exe the in C:\Windows\ directory, the explorer.exe icon is a "My Computer" icon. Is this right? Or is it supposed to be like a folder icon with a magnifying glass? Also, I ran Spybot S&D and it was unable to find anything. I ran CWS shredder and got rid of some CWS thing. I believe it was http://cwshredder.net/cwshredder/cwschronicles.html#tapicfg. I use Firefox btw not IE and if i have passwords stored on Firefox will the explorer.exe trojan thing do harm? What do you guys recommend me do? What FREE programs/utilities do you guys recommend? Should I delete the explorer.exe thing (I read somewhere that Windows remakes explorer.exe once it is deleted)? I don't want to reinstall XP SP2 and definitely not reformat my hard drive. If I boot from Damn Small Linux (I have a boot CD that might work) will it be easier to get rid of the problem there? Would downloading a free trial of McAfee or Norton remove what I think is a trojan? Or maybe using a program that fixes invalid registry files? The only problems I have is explorer. Firefox is all right (I am typing this with the infected computer right now). Mentioned early I said I removed some CWS Trojan. When I still had it, when I opened Task Manager, there was a process called "IEXPLORER.EXE". I knew this was not a legitimate IE as I don't use it and I don't think IE process is in capitals. Please reply as soon as possible and any help/advice that will not kill my computer would be appreciated.

    PS Will any infomation on my comp be deleted/stolen? Also my computer is connected to a network - will that computer on the network me affected?
  2. ChrisLam

    ChrisLam TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 82

    NVM I got my computer to work. Explorer.exe is all right now. If anyone has a similar problem use can system restore. (Note this deletes all the information you saved after the restore point you are restoring too. This includes programs, registry changes, documents, etc.)

    File>New Task (Run)
    Browse: [Hard Drive letter name w/ Windows system files, usually "C"]\WINDOWS\System32\Restore\rstrui.exe
    Choose a restore point before the problem and follow instructions.

    This usually works
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