explorer.exe doesn't load or has disappeared?

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May 12, 2007
  1. Well my computer is an old one, a Windows 2000. I just recently installed AVG 7.5 and Adaware SE onto it since it hasnt been used in quite awhile and had many viruses on it so I decided to take it out and revitalize it in a way. So after I installed AVG and did a ADAware scan, I kept getting messages of threats detected by AVG, one of em being c:\Windows\system32\explorer.exe. It didnt have a heal or delete option so I think I moved it to virus vault? So then Adaware scan finishes and I delete all the spyware that was on the computer. while it was deleting selection, my taskbar on the bottom disappears, then my ddesktop icons disappear. I was thinking, ok I'll restart. But then I did and after going past the windows 2000 screen it just gave me a blue screen (thats my desktop background) and didnt load my desktop icons or the taskbar at the bottom. I go into task manager and see that explorer.exe isnt a running process so I knew it had to be related to that. Safe mode seems to work fine though, just normal mode doesnt load anything. What should I do?
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    if you can get to task manager, try a manual startup of explorer.exe by using the new task box and typing that in..

    otherwise, open up a new task with cmd and use the sfc /scannow command (if win2000 has that) to fix any sort of corrupted/missing system files. Note that you may need your OS cd to do this.

    Although this is short of a window's repair....
  3. ynh

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    I tried to run c:\winnt\explorer.exe using new task but it said access to the file or path was denied. I did sfc /scannow in cmd but it said files that are required for windows to run properly must be copied to the dll cache. And then said to put in the Win 2000 pro cd but that is long gone =\
  4. ynh

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    If I dont have my OS cd, what can I do?
  5. prashantgh

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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone,

    I am software developer from India and i work in dotnet technologies.

    Came to know this site while looking for a solution to one of my friend's problems.

    I found the similar problem here but no solution. I am thinking of opening a new post and see how it goes.

    Thanks and Regards,
  6. Rik

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    Without that cd, i doubt you can do anything.
  7. Po`Girl

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    I read a thread somewhere,in which somebody successfully copied explorer.exe

    from anothe XP computer onto their own.If I find it again,I`ll post it.
  8. prashantgh

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    Thanks a lot for your quick replies. Sorry i couldn't reply earlier. I am still trying to get hold of the CD to try Rik's suggestion. I will let u know further updates as and when they happen. Thanks again.
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