explorer.exe runing at 25%

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Oct 27, 2007
  1. So far the only monster that reminds me Windows Vista is Windows Millenium. Slow, full of database problems, constant crashes, never enough RAM and out of control. I have two and work on three Vista computers and they all have constant problems. The worst is my 6600 quad runing explorer.exe at 25% all the time, for unknown reason. This computer is less then month old and crashes on every restart. I have hijackthis for it...mybe somone out there can solve it..........
  2. Po`Girl

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    Vista really isn`t that bad. :)

    The best thing to do,is just post that HJT log,

    and we can see if there is anything obvious.
  3. revjacques

    revjacques TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hjt is here..........nope

    this thing wont let me submit HJT...it cl;aims there are links in it.........

    ..."To be able to post links or images your post count must be 3 or greater. You currently have 1 posts.

    Please remove links from your message, then you will be able to submit your post."...

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  4. Po`Girl

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    You do have a lot running,but I can`t see anything obviously problematic

    All I can suggest is -

    - go into msconfig/start up and uncheck everything

    and see if anything improves.See HERE. Then recheck Antivirus.

    I`m assuming your behind a router/firewall

    - You can also run CCleaner and try THESE performance tweaks.

    - Post a few minidumps,if your getting serious errors.They`re in C:\Windows\Minidumps\

    - For the full Techspot anti spyware treatment see HERE

    - See how many programs and services you can do without.

    - Computers run so well without anything running.:haha:
  5. revjacques

    revjacques TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks....I know it is mistery why this explorer runs at 25%. Nevertheless, i worke on 4 computers and friend of mine on three and one that works good is xp with one gig of ram all Vista computers, have problems:
    1.empty folders on the desktop that can not be deleted (very common Vista problem)
    2. can't delete deleted email from windows mail( very common)
    3. explorer runs on some computers up to 100 % of processor and crushes..I got lucky only 25%
    4. crash on every restart. very common vista problem
    I have trully hard time to believe that there is someone out there unbelivably lucky who can use Vista without wasting time constantly fixing your own computer
    5. most vista users I know either already did or are planning to reinstall XP....I need my computer and dont have time to fight Microsoft spew
    The memory of Millenium schould be put aside.
    I am angry
    tomorrow I will take my laptop back to the store (i bought it only 6 days ago) already crashes
    the desktop, I spent over $1000,- on is almost useless Unfortunatelly i can not return it.
    Nobody can fix it, and with 4 gigs of memory thing is slugish and crashes all the time.
    I bought it becouse my old computer which runs great couldn't handle new Adobe programs(for some architectcural reasons)
    I hope Microsoft will come out with something good soon
    After horror of Millenium, we got 2000 which was a dad of XP....
  6. Po`Girl

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    I`m sorry your having that amount of pain with Vista,

    and I don`t want to defend Microsoft here,but a lot of the problems are more

    to do with 3rd party apps and drivers,that haven`t fully caught up to Vista,yet.

    All I can say is post a few minidumps and try some of the suggestions above.

    Even a "bad" OS should not be crashing all the time.

    If you want to see what other forum members think,there is a

    thread HERE I haven`t read much of it,but there were

    some positive views - mainly from the poster of thread,it has to be said :D
  7. revjacques

    revjacques TS Rookie Topic Starter

    besides that this is on every Vista computer I ever worked on and they are not connected..so it's not a mystery virus I carry around. Well i'm on my way to bestbuy to sell them back a laptop,which started crashing 2 days after i got it............the guy in the store admited after a while that they have never had so much complains about any system in the past...since Millenium. I am not just seeing things

    I'm surprised no one mentioned fundamental database errors in Vista like those foders on the desktop or e-mails which can not be deleted.....at least 75% of Vista computers have it.....and this forun is totaly oblivious to it.......
  8. PBNinja101

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    Hi Mate,

    I've noticed high explorer.exe CPU usage here aswell. I realised its due to me using and moving files around constantly. If i leave my PC alone for 10minutes it'll balance out and will keep a constant low usage. Now i feel that i need to give myself some more RAM as the amount of RAM is quite low for Vista on my PC.

    What RAM are you running on that PC?

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