External hard drive not showing in my computer

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I've attched my 160gb external hard rive to my laptop and it shows up in the device manager under disk drives and USB but does not show on my computer and is unusable.

I've attached it to my PC and it works fine???



It depends on your operating system. From past experience XP has no problem, older versions of windows need the correct driver and win95 early version wont see it at all.

Hope that helps. Rik.


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If there were drivers that came with your hardware and you installed them ,Check the website for an update .
Then in drive management uninstall the drive,reboot with the drive connected and force windows to recognize the drive again and install updates or drivers from manufacturer.
Then format the Drive .
Should be fine then.
Could also be that you have a mapped network-drive on that laptop. Change the driveletter of that mapped-drive from e.g. E: to M:
USB-devices only recognize physical drives, such as HD/CD/DVD when they 'pick' a driveletter for themselves. If a mapped drive exists as above, tough! It won't work.


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Mapped drive was the problem

Yes, I had the same problem and when I unmapped drive G: everything started to work fine.

Thanks 'RealBlackStuff'


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Problem solved

Thanks MrNoname. It does work perfectly. At least we finally found exactly what the problem is. I hope this information will help others with the same problem.
MrNoname: As this problem is solved, I have moved your post to it`s own thread in our Guides and solved issues forum, where it will help other members with the same problem.

You can find your post HERE.

Thanks for the great post.

Regards Howard :)
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