Extra Processes Not Needed????

By zhou yi
Mar 9, 2005
  1. When I open the Task Manager and check on the Processes tab, I got:

    4 copies of - svchost.exe (PID 1512, 840, 536, 440)
    3 copies of - rundll.exe (PID 1392, 1192, 1144)

    Is there any reason there should be so many copies of these processes running at once? Is there some software or perhaps a website where one could find out how to control which processes are able to run?
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    Rundll32 (or rundll) processes are usually some small utilities or Windows' internal preference panels (like display properties). I guess you have a lot of stuff in the taskbar notification area?

    But yes, they could be malicious applications too.

    Multiple svchosts are a result of multiple services running (svchost = service host).
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