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ok so just recently I got broadband internet because we have always been out of range for everything, including cable and DSL and stuff like that. so for Christmas my dad got wireless internet. (not exactly sure what its called but has some sort of antenea/satelite lookiing thing that is at this website http://ejourney.com/wireless.html) well that is what we have and we got the cheapest package that you can. so of course its not lightning fast but at least its better than dialup. so now that that is out of the way... my download speed are terrible sometimes! just now I was trying to download a file and it started out at like 68kbs and then sometimes it stays steady but most of the time it drops down to around 4 or 5 kbs (sometimes it stays around 23 or so but sometimes it stops completely because it is soooooo slow. Oh, by the way I am using a laptop that is connected wirelessly to the internet. I was just wondering why my speeds are so low. and if there is any way of increasing them.


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A good sight to poke around in is: www.speedguide.net there are some tests you can run and optimize your connection speed etc. It's highly insightfull and very educational as well. Give it a try, just make sure you come back here! Cheers! :)


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www.dslreports.com also has some good info around.

Can you try plugging your laptop directly in to the router or device through ethernet and see what happens? Could be the wireless on your laptop.

good luck
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