Extremely low download speed and extremely high upload speed

Is this even possible? I've never seen a download speed so low, I cant even watch youtube, and forget netflix. Yet my upload seems to be through the roof. What is causing this? .58mb/s DL with a 43.26mb/s upload @ 5 ms ping.
Around 3 in the Afternoon at my apartment complex. I've tried those sites now, and it yields similar results. My phone loads videos faster than this "High speed internet".


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Ok, well it could be internet traffic or you might contact your ISP. If its slow like that at all times, definetely contact your ISP. Someone else here might have other ideas. Good luck.(y)


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I haven't ever seen such slow download speed- nor have I ever seen such fast upload speed! That is really topsy turvy! (sp?)

But it can depend on which speed test you run. My 'speed' has never been what I am suppose to be getting which now is 15Mbps download. But for first time I saw 21.47Mbps down with a consistent 2.03Mbps up.

Upload speed stayed the same no matter which test I used- about 2.03Mbps, but the one test with 21.47down had Ping of 31ms! Go figure!

Did you use the speed-test recommended by the ISP? Did you compare it to any other test? Find out where the server is located for your ISP, then choose that location on test if you have a choice. Then compare the test. I use 6 different speed check sites and got from 21.47 down to 1.75 up. Big differences.

Time of day can make a difference as mentioned, but I'd be interested to hear what your ISP has to say about the numbers you got!


speedtest.net  21.7  0.98
speakeasy.net  21.15  0.98

seems to be consistent with historic values for my system at least.

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What sort of internet connection do you have? Cable? ADSL? What are your sync speeds for your modem? That would be the first thing I'd check then go from there...