F1 on Internet/network access

By destiny020386
May 18, 2010
  1. Configuration:

    1. Server machine
    -Win Ser 2003 R2
    -3 Net adapters (named internal, external1, external2)
    -ISA 2006 is installed

    2. USR Router connected to external1 (192.168.2._)

    3. Switch1 connected to internal (10.0.0._)

    4. Switch2 connected to external2 (169.254.208._)


    1. Computers connected to switch1 have internet access while computers connected to switch2 doesn't. I configured ISA to allow all outbound traffic from Internal IP range and External1 IP range to External2.

    2. What should I do so that I can access computers connected to Switch1 from using computers connected to Switch2 and vise versa.

    Your recomms are appreciated.
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