Fable Xbox Impression

By Strakian
Sep 17, 2004
  1. First off, I was looking forward to this game for a looong time.. they kept pushing it back and pushing it back... and I really hoped it would have been a bit longer....

    The game is amazing, the social interactions, combat system and customizable character are top notch. My only gripe is it was waaay to short. I bought it Wednesday, and just beat it tonight... that's... 2-3 days? and I only played 2 - 7 hour days.

    The game is great, and I recommend it... but you can beat it if you rent it without too much trouble within a week... Check it out, just warning people before they plop 50 bones on a game that doesn't take long to beat.

    Replay value is high though, I'll probably go through it again shortly and try to be as evil and vile as possible, mwahahaha


    Amazing if not toooo short.. the length really hurt it since it's supposed to be a RPG...

    Any other comments?
  2. Strakian

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    There's still a lot to do though, as it lets you continue playing after beating the 'Storyline Quests', however there is no longer a real drive to level your character or find the items that are no longer of any use...
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