Facebook asks users to determine trustworthy news sources


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Facebook is about to start a new plan of attack against fake news that will once again see it ask users for help. In a post by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO explains that he wants the social networks’ members to determine the trustworthiness of news publications.

“The hard question we've struggled with is how to decide what news sources are broadly trusted in a world with so much division. We could try to make that decision ourselves, but that's not something we're comfortable with,” he wrote.

“We decided that having the community determine which sources are broadly trusted would be most objective.”

The system will become part of Facebook’s ongoing quality surveys. The company intends to send these to a broad range of people, asking if they’re familiar with a source and whether they consider it trustworthy.

Facebook isn’t going to release individual publishers’ scores or increase the amount of news in users’ feeds; instead, it will use the results to prioritize publications that are deemed trustworthy by the community.

The news comes after Facebook’s recent announcement that it was overhauling the newsfeed to prioritize posts from users’ family and friends. The new algorithm downgrades content from businesses, brands, and media outlets. Zuckerberg says that following this change, news content will make up around 4 percent of a user’s news feed, down from the current estimate of 5 percent.

Facebook has already tried asking users to identify fake news by flagging bogus items to stop them spreading, but the feature was discontinued last month after studies showed it often didn’t work and even made people believe the fake stories even more.

It will be interesting to see how the latest method of tackling fake news pans out. It may sound like it could work in practice, but it does rely on Facebook users trusting other users, and it may see smaller and new publishers struggling for reach.

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There are none today...;(

The best you can do is use sources multiple sides and hope the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Billy Vinson

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CNN, MSNBC, Snopes, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Washington COMpost are all Fake News. They will be allowed to fluorish, as they hush the real PEOPLE's news: Infowars, etc...

If a person disses Infowars, they have not listened to the show - they simply regurgitate FAKE NEWS One-Liners they read on a FAKE NEWS Source, aimed at demonizing the Truth.

THe MEMO was released today and you see NOTHING about it on CNN, MSNBC, etc... PRIME EXAMPLE of how they like to keep people in the dark as they continue their quests for their MASTERS: ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT...

BUT, Humanity is rising and we will defeat them! Facebook, Google, etc... = CRAP, Corrupt!