Facebook takes on traditional e-mail with Social Inbox


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Facebook has announced a new product that will compete directly with the e-mail services provided by Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and AOL. Facebook believes traditional e-mail is too slow and cumbersome; it needs be brought into the modern world of messaging. The site has thus launched Facebook Messages, which merges texts, online chats, and e-mails into one central hub. Users see all of them in their Social Inbox and can reply in any way they want. The social networking giant sa...

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So It is a gimped, featureless email without being "email", tailor made for Facebook's spam-like updates (if you don't limit/turn them off) in mind. I have enough trust issues with that site as it were nor am I obsessed with the site like other people, so I'll probably pass up any invitation.


TS Enthusiast
For the Facebook crowd they're geniuses. Facebook aficionados are going to love this feature I'm sure. Too many f's in that last sentence?

I am NOT a Facebook person though and I'll never say I understand the social networking thing. This isn't going to take off for anyone other than Facebook users though and even all of their Facebook base isn't even going to sign up for it. It'll be a vast majority, but you'll never hear someone say "I joined Facebook for the awesome email!"

It's tailored by Facebook devs for Facebook users. I'll stick with my gmail thanks.