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Facebook warns that recent hack could have exposed other apps, including Instagram, Tinder,...

By midian182 · 4 replies
Sep 30, 2018
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  1. Facebook announced Friday that it identified the security issue earlier in the week. It involved exploiting a vulnerability in the “view as” feature, which lets people to see how their profiles look to others. The fault allowed hackers to steal Facebook’s access tokens and take over people's accounts. As a security measure, Facebook forced over 90 million users to log out.

    Facebook said there was no evidence the hackers had access to "private messages or posts," but warned "that may change" as the investigation continues.

    Following the initial announcement, Facebook revealed in a follow-up conference call that other services using the company’s login feature could also be at risk of having these accounts compromised. Many apps and websites allow people to sign-up using their Facebook credentials, and while there’s been no confirmation of any being breached, it’s another concern for the company and its users.

    “The access token enables someone to use the account as if they were the account holder themselves. This does mean they could access other third-party apps using Facebook login,” said Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of product.

    Facebook's photo- and video-sharing app Instagram could also have been affected.

    Facebook said it has patched the vulnerability and reset the access tokens of all the accounts known to have been affected by this breach, but it’s not enough to repair the PR damage that’s been done. The fact that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg were among two of those affected by the hack hasn’t helped matters. Since the news broke, $12 billion has been wiped from the company's value.

    If all this hasn’t been enough to deal with, this week also saw Facebook admit that it uses 2FA phone numbers for ad targeting purposes.

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  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    I use Facebook since 2007. I still use it because everyone I know is on there plus I run several groups on their.
  3. Teko03

    Teko03 TS Evangelist Posts: 571   +297

    Because they want to. Same reason you'd do anything else you want to do.
  4. sac39507

    sac39507 TS Addict Posts: 248   +93

    Because hiding under a rock is getting old
  5. sac39507

    sac39507 TS Addict Posts: 248   +93

    I agree with you on that but that argument also holds true for anything and everything we do online. Security experts admit that we are basically screwed as everything in our lives is accessible online. Going back under a rock is the best option now actually.

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