Facebook's News Feed algorithm update cuts traffic to major viral sites down significantly

Justin Kahn

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Viral content site Upworthy posted some impressive traffic numbers in November of last year. The company reached a total of 90 million people at its peak based on numbers from Quantcast, and then suffered a massive decline at the same...

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They just don't get leave things alone and people will come, Now they changed things and people won't come back.


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Here's some more info:

- The default News Feed option is 'most popular', which is full curation from FB.
- Even changing it to 'most recent' allows FB to curate the feed.
- The only way to get close to all status updates from people/pages is to go to each individual page, open their 'friendship', and 'show all'.
- Even when all the above is done, FB still curates your news feed.