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May 29, 2007
  1. My Processor Fan sound is very High from everets program it sometimes reaches 4k RPM , i`m now using my PC with an Open Case always to try to make the sound low it normally works at 3.4 -3.5 RPM which is still loud too , what shall i do ??

    i forgot to mention that the MOBO , Processor & the Fan all r new i just bought them 2 months ago .
  2. CMH

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    There's nothing you can do except to change to an aftermarket cooler, really. Having the case open may be worse than having it closed, unless you've got a table fan or something blowing onto the motherboard.

    Other alternatives would be to increase airflow around the CPU, but that means more fans, which may reduce the noise from your CPU fan, but increase other noises.
  3. GaGa

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    i`m using a table fan blowing onto the CPU which is no a good idea also :( , as u said i`m afaraid of adding more fans so i`ll get more Noises insted of one big noise .

    so what is the best Cooler(s) ?
  4. CMH

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    There is just too many to choose from.

    Lets just assume you can live with minimal noise, low budget, and no overclocking.

    I usually recommend the Zalman 7700 for these applications, but there is a new thermaltake heatsink out there which may perform better. Will probably cost more though.

    You can get a fanless cooling system, which would mean totally noise-free, such as the Thermalright HR-01, but unless you're going to go fanless on everything else, it probably isn't worth bothering with.

    If you want to spend a little more, the Scythe Ninja, Thermaltake Big Typhoon, Zalman 9500 or 9700 are good choices. Best in the list would be the Big Typhoon.

    Don't think you'd need anything better than that one if you're not interested in overclocking.
  5. GaGa

    GaGa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks alot
  6. CMH

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    No problem.
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