faulty device driver reboots, minidumps online

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Hi all,

Last week i built my new case with all the same hardware plus a new WD Raptor harddrive which now functions as system disk.
I installed the software as I always did cuz i never had BSOD problems in the past. My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2 with all updates and I used all the same drivers that i always used. Except for the ATI driver cuz there was a newer version available, which i downloaded and installed.

Then i got the reboot problems, related to a faulty device driver, but the error message wouldn't tell me which device driver. So i thought i must've messed up somewhere and i did a fresh install again. But the problem persisted.
After installing the latest Java Runtime i got my system in a boot loop and with System Recovery i determined that the Silicon Image Raid controller was causing the boot loop. Since i don't use that i disabled it in BIOS, removed the driver and the boot loop was gone.

But unfortunatley the device driver reboots kept coming every now and then. I removed the new ATI graphics driver (Catalyst 5.11) with the one i was using before (Catalyst 5.7). No luck, still reboots now and then.

Additional info: My former system disk, a Maxtor 120gb SATA has a few bad blocks and when formatted it gave a lot of error entries in my system log. But it never gave me reboot issues when i was using it as system disk. It was just noisy now and then but it works.
It's now one of my data disks. And since the information from the Microsoft error report tells me it's a device driver problem i doubt that it's the cause of the reboots.

So could someone please analyze my minidumps for me to determine which device driver is causing the trouble please?
I have already made debuglog.txt files, as described in another thread to make it easier for u experts :) and in the filenames i added the system log event id's and error code for that minidump.

There's 1 minidump for the Silicon Image Raid Controller driver error (fixed that, but just for additional info), 1 file with my system specs and 3 minidumps from the device driver errors that i'm still having.

You can find the files HERE .

Please help, i would really appreciate it :).


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Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your minidumps are crashing at regspy.sys. This is one of your Bitdefender drivers.

Take a look HERE at a possible solution.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
Thanks a bunch for the quick reply :). I tried the solution and now i'll just wait and see if the problem is gone.
I'll do some more research on the problem and possible solutions tomorrow now that I know where to look.I'll report back here to share my findings.
Thanks again for the quick help for now :).
So I looked around for other possible solutions to the regspy.sys problem but couldn't find any. Seems to be a rare problem..

I was now getting error events in the system log cuz the system couldn't start the regspy service but since it wasn't rebooting on me, I ignored those errors.

Then I installed Lineage 2, updated it and started the game. I got a Game Guard error 360 or 610. Then I had to click "Ok" and the game sent me back to desktop and wham, system crash again.
I am new to Lineage 2 so I'll have to investigate GameGuard errors. I did check the Minidump from that crash and it was "probably" caused by OmniUsb.sys.
From what I read online this file belongs to the Z-Board keyboard drivers (which i indeed use) but when i did a Windows search for the file, it was nowhere to be found. Yes I included hidden/system files.

I then uninstalled the Bitdefender program, tried Lineage again and it still sends me back to Windows but it doesn't crash on me now.
But when I return to windows my keyboard does act a little funny (won't take the left Shift and some other keys) but that's not really a problem cuz it's gone on reboot. i'll fix that some other time.

So for now, the entire BitDefender program was making a mess of my system. Too bad cuz the scanner did an excellent job and the active registry protection was a nice feature.
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