Faulty Mobo or CPU need advice before I buy

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Hi guys,
I need a bit of advice, I have been working with PCs for several years now and some of that in a hardware support role, but this one has stumped me.

I have a Athlon 2200+, MSI KT4 Ultra Mobo, 500W PSU, 1 Gb RAM, 60Gb Hard Disk, Geforce 4 and Soundblaster Live, (and the usual otehr PC Gubbins)

I built the machine about 18 months ago and everything was fine. However, two problems have started to show. The first is that I started to get IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL errors with the obvious BSOD that goes with it, this happened during gameplay sometimes but always on shutdown or if I booted from the Win XP CD. I found that if I downclocked the FSB to 100MHz (making my CPU a 1500+) then it all works ok. So I figured it must be the RAM so I changed it, but the same errors started when I bumped the FSB back up to 133MHz. I have also since tried removing and/or changing every component but no diffrence. I did however read that MSI has problems with the AGP port and the FSB when running at 133MHz so I therefore think it must be the mobo.

To confirm this I started getting a keyboard or mouse is not connected error on boot so I had to restart it to get past the POST screen, again I thought Mobo, but I changed the PSU back to the one that came with the case and that error dissapeared, but again couldnt run the FSB at 133MHz.

So in conclusion, should I get a new Mobo or CPU or what do you guys think?



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that IRQL thing is supposed to be a IRQ conflict issue, or that you have bad drivers or hardware. I got a similar screen on my DFI Lanparty Ultra II A and it went away after disabling all onboard devices and doing a clean reinstall. after the reinstall, i enabled everything that i use again, and it detected it fine and runs great.

I'm not sure how your hard drive is configured, or if you have capability of backing up your data and the patience to do so, but if you could, i would reinstall. Maybe someone else has a more immediate fix, i'm not sure...

did you update your bios to the latest revision?
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