Faulty Ram?

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I have a pair of Kingston Value Ram DDR400 512mb (256 x 2) that seem to be giving me some trouble. When I first finished my computer I would get a BSOD at random times, but I switched in another module of ram and it went away for awhile. But it came back, now at more specific times though.

It started to just freeze on me, I could hear the harddrive shut down [my hard drive has an annoying whir it makes, very noticeable] and the screen would stay up on what I was doing. Now it just turns off, I can see the BSOD come up but it goes right to blank screen and all that stays on is my fans.

Now the ONLY things that make it do this are web broswers[Firefox in particular, I havn't noticed it in any others but I don't use other ones anyways lol] and torrent programs.

Another thing I noticed is my page file usage, wow. Sometimes I notice it go up to 1900mb, and if I've been playing games for all day even after I close out it'll say I'm still using about 1500mb of page file when all I have up is windows media player.

Anyways, this isn't a huge issue to me, it's just rather annoying haha. If it is faulty ram I can just RMA it.

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