Figured out how to make Facebook work!

By Jess1810
Aug 27, 2012
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  1. I posted a month or so ago thinking I had the magic fix to the whole Facebook not loading problem. I thought it was because you couldn't be logged in with your phone & cpu at the same time, but that wasn't it. I called my ISP for the trillionth time and demanded to know what the hell was going on! A really nice & patient lady (lol) asked me if I had a desktop cpu or a laptop. I said a laptop. She then asked if I had a router. I said no, no I don't! (noob) She told me that not having a router was my problem. Apparently, Facebook needs a stronger connection than other sites for whatever reason. Plus, she said I didn't even need an expensive router. So I marched myself right on up to best buy at 8:00 at night and got a cheap Netgear router for $30. While I was driving home, I thought to myself, there's no way all of these people didn't have a router like myself!

    I came home, hooked it up and oh my goodness I had Facebook again. Since I've had my router, not only has Facebook been lightning fast with NO interruptions or freezing up, but my cpu works beautifully. I kind of have a cheapo HP laptop (ok the cheapest - $299) and I think the router gives it that extra push (more like shove lol) that it needs. I didn't want to post here until I had the router for a few weeks with NO interruptions on FB, so here I am! The router is the light! haha
  2. cliffordcooley

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    If you didn't have a router or at least a device with routing functionality, how was you connecting to the Internet?

    There must have been a device storing your ISP login ID and password, some modems (from my perspective usually issued by ISP's) have router functions.
  3. Jess1810

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    I had a Cisco modem that my ISP provided when they hooked up my internet. Every other site worked fine except for Facebook. Sometimes it would work for maybe 10 minutes at the most, then freeze up and say "The server at facebook took to long to respond because the dns lookup server failed." Then it would say at the bottom "Error 7: the connection timed out" I haven't had this problem since I got my router! That's definitely what was wrong with my facebook connection! Hope this helps others!

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