File Error 2 Names

By thead
Mar 11, 2005
  1. Setting: Errors.htm
    Two machines XP Pro, peer to peer, sharing and access are good for everything, except.

    Machine #1 has the program dir, application runs fine.
    Machine #2 has a mapped drive to the program dir, the errors below occur.
    The application was running from #2.
    When I copy the program dir to machine #2 it runs fine on #2 and will run on #1 from #2.

    Security box with exclamation triangle, “File Error 2 Names: Access Denied”, OK button.
    Click OK button, next Box: File Access Error (f:\filename\!ope) could not be opened.
    Error: Access Denied (5). OK button.

    Click OK button, next Box: Halt , red circle white x, “Disk Error”,

    I can not find any explainations form anywhere,,, any thoughts!!!!!!!

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