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Aug 5, 2008
  1. I have two PC's in my room (desktop and laptop) both running xp pro. They are connected on a Netgear Super G Wireless Router. (the laptop is wireless connected and the desktop is wired. I want to share my files between the two computers and use them like normal (writing, editing, etc.) But i cant seem to get it to work. My laptop has the entire root of the drive being shared by my desktop doesnt see it, but i dont know if i skipped something. all i did was right click and hit "share this folder on the network". Any help is much appreciated and if you need more information let me know!

    P.S. i am new to the forums and i tried to search for this topic but didnt work out so well.
    i know my way around a computer so dont be afraid to tell me what u know. I need this to work much appreciated
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    Sharing the root of a drive is a bad idea. You should instead create a specific folder for sharing, and share that one only.

    Note that many firewall suites will block Windows File Sharing. Also note that if both machines don't belong to the same workgroup, you'll have to use the "Browse entire network" icon in Windows to see the share. Furthermore, when you create a share you should give it a specific name to refer to it later.
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    ok sounds good then i wont share the whole drive. But how would i go about making sure the two computers are in the same workgroup? Because i dont want all the computers in my house linked together, just the desktop and laptop.
  4. InsaneVr6

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    Ok nevermind, now both my laptop and my PC have the same workgroup name and were both restarted. Now how do i get them to see each other and share files between them.
  5. InsaneVr6

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    Nevermind again...haha, thanks Soul Harvester. the workgroup was my problem. Once that was straight i figured the rest out. Appreciate it....

    Iv been looking for a site like this. Good stuff.
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