Final Fantasy VII Remake's new trailer drops hints at potential love triangle

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The FFVII-R trailer (above) had a little bit of everything — snippets of gameplay, bits of dialog, and lots of action. It mostly focused on lead character Cloud Strife, providing a bit of backstory and context to what he and the rest of the crew are doing in Midgar.

[Warning: potential spoilers ahead if you have not played the original FFVII.]

The trailer even hinted at a potential love triangle between Cloud, Aerith (aka Aeris), and Tifa. In the original, Aerith seemed to be Cloud's love interest, although the relationship was a bit subtle by today's standards. They met when Aerith was selling flowers in Midgar.

Conversely, Tifa has known Cloud since childhood but lost touch with him after joining the rebel group Avalanche, which she eventually convinces Cloud to join. In the 1997 game, the pair's relationship was mostly as casual teammates, although the subject has been hotly debated.

Toward the end of the trailer, Tifa says to Cloud, "You weren't thinking of leaving Midgar anytime soon, were you?"

The question may have been innocent, perhaps just the lead up to her asking Cloud to join Avalanche. Still, there was something about the way the developers animated her body language that suggested it could be something more.

"I'm really glad to have you back, Cloud," she says a little later in a manner that seems almost coy, and then adds, "Really glad."

Perhaps we are reading too much into it, but Square Enix has already made it clear that it is making fundamental changes to the game that don't correlate to the original version. These changes include new characters and bosses. So it is not inconceivable that they would tweak the story to add an intriguing and dramatic romantic sub-plot, especially for the contemporary audience it will be serving.

We don't have much longer to wait to find out. Final Fantasy VII Remake launches in just a few months on March 3, 2020.

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I'm going to have to watch Advent Children again... In that movie it seemed pretty obvious that Tifa and Cloud were involved.. So Isn't this just bringing the original story in line with the sequal animation?

I'm still looking forward to this!
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FF VII was the only FF game I ever played. Charming, fun combat and lovely videos. But about 80% of the way through I found out that I'd need to grind hard for hours/days in order to proceed and I gave up.