First µTorrent 2.0 beta released

By Jos · 7 replies
Aug 12, 2009
  1. One of the most popular BitTorrent clients on the planet – and a favorite of ours – is nearing its next major development milestone. The first beta of uTorrent 2.0 for Windows went live recently complete with bug fixes and a handful of new features. Tracker owners in particular have been looking forward to this release as it finally implements support for the high-performance low-overhead UDP tracker protocol.

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  2. c4n1f3x

    c4n1f3x TS Rookie

    yes, i just downloaded it yesterday. it seems exactly the same to me.but then again i am but a simple downloader.
  3. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    Oh teh noes, UDP is going to kill the internets...

    ...Except for the whole part where it won't. Good to see that the torrent clients aren't going to cave on that pressure.
  4. "Impact" is not a verb.
  5. arkantos

    arkantos TS Member Posts: 46

    I'll look forward to this development.
  6. According to Merriam-Webster and, "impact" most certainly /is/ a verb.

    As for the announcement, yay, I guess.
  7. uTorrent 2.0 supports P2P UDP. It does not support C2T (client to torrent) UDP. Therefore we shouldn't be that excited by this news. Until uTorrent reverses it's decision about a C2T UDP protocol, we should treat this as though it doesn't exist.
  8. Of late, "impact" is used as a synonym for "affect", just as "absolutely" is for "definitely", "issue" is for "problem", etc., etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum... One word that is currently employed as a verb - but most assuredly is not one - is "transition" (shiver, cringe). This is all part of the twerpification of English by the Nerds. I would only ask you to note that I didn't begin my comment "OK so..." (retch, puke), or even once type "I was just kind of like..." - until now (convulse, klunk, flop, flop).
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