First Build Problems

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Nov 16, 2004
  1. So my 1ghz pc died last week and instead of buying a complete one, I bought all the parts and put it together myself, oops.

    Everything is done correctly according to the instructions, the jumpers in the right place BIOS is set up right, the problem comes when I try to install windows xp. I have 2 different XP discs each with keys, they are not new so I don't know if that causes the problem, no scratches or fingerprints. when the pc goes to load the disc it just says "invalid startup disc, insert another and press any key."

    It is a AMD Anthalon 3200+ cpu on an Abit AN7X.....correct motherboard. The HD is a Seagate SATA. I have the DVD hooked up to IDE #2 as the primary and the HD on SATA #1

    The odd thing is, the first time I went to install windows, after setting up the BIOS, it loaded the XP disc, then said there was no HD to install to, I looked and saw that the SATA cable came undone. When I hooked it back up and tried again, that's when I started getting the "no-load"

    I have tried two different DVD drives, gone from IDE #2 to IDE #1, no difference, the bios is set up to boot from the CD before the HD????

    Any ideas?
  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot!
    If you have a floppy drive and a Win 98 bootdisk you can induce XP to get started.
    Try "(Cd drive letter):\Winnt.exe "enter
    You need to get to the F6 for your SATA drivers.
  3. a400hpstang

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    Thanks for the reply, I don't have a win xp floppy, or any other boot floppy. I suspect that the SATA drive is causing problems with reading the dvd, there is a screen that flashes for a second that says "to enter RAID setup press F4" I need to try and get there and maybe that will fix it?
  4. Liquidlen

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    You can download boot disks ( make them at a friend's computer.The question is whether you have a Floppy drive in your machine.
    They are like $10 so get one it will be the easiest way I can think of to get past your issues.
  5. Gunny

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    As you switch the power on immediately try pressing F4 repeatedly and rapidly ...
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