First look at the bezel-free Dell XPS 13 (2015)

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Feb 9, 2015
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  1. This is one of the laptops you guys have been wanting to see: the new Dell XPS 13, complete with a bezel-free 'Infinity Display' and a new Broadwell Core i5 CPU. This model comes with a 13-inch 1080p display, and...

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  2. VitalyT

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  3. Ok ill be the 1st to say it thats not bezel free. how can they say that?
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  4. cliffordcooley

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    Buy a Netbook and get the bezel free.
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  5. Rippleman

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    I too see a bezel, wonder why they market it as such.
  6. They removed the bezzle and kept the edge
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  7. So they renamed the bezel to edge so they can call it bezel free. But I know they need to have something there to support the screen other wise it might fall off or snap lol.
  8. cliffordcooley

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    First off bezel free on a portable is asking for trouble. But then it seems to be acceptable on phones, so why the hell not. This is no more bezel free than the half dozen cheap Acer monitor's I've bought.
  9. MilwaukeeMike

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    Easy... 4G speeds aren't even close to the actual 4G standard. Apple's 'Retina' display clearly wasn't since it's been upgraded plenty of times. HTC's 'Zero-Gap' HTC One only applied to MOST of the phone, not actually the whole thing....

    Misnomers have been the norm for years... haven't you ever seen a product on a store shelf that said 'New and Improved? Only to learn that the product has been 'New' for a few years and the only thing they 'improved' was the shiny label.

    I actually own a bottle of Once a Year Car Polish that says in the actual directions on the back, 'For best results, re-apply after 30 days.' No joke!
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  10. This is 'bezel free' because the little bezel the notebook has is used to support the LCD/LED Panel. Anyone who has seen a bare LCD/LED panel on a Desktop Monitor or from a disassembled Laptop will know that the LCD screen itself has a metal edge that encases the actual LCD and it's lighting whether it's a LED Backlight or the older CCFL backlights. In order for a laptop or desktop monitor to be 'bezel free' the LCD panel needs to be created/available with little to no edges/bezels on the panel itself. Removing the metal frames around the LCD panel itself brings problem with supporting the LCD panel from torsion and pressure while it allows light to leak out the sides (which I doubt anyone wants). Manufacturers could just cover the sides of the LED to block light leaking from the side/edges but then how do you get a laptop or monitor to encase the LCD panel without it creating bezels and providing enough support to keep the LCD Panel from coming out easily.
  11. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,724   +3,697

    That's funny seeing as it is not a problem with phones and phones take more abuse.
  12. Yea not at all. I own the 1080p version of this laptop and doing "normal tasks" such as web browsing and word processing, I easily get over 15 hours of battery life. Even playing older games on this thing I can still get around 4 hours. The main reason this achieves the battery life it claims is because of the display. 40% brightness on this thing is comparable to 80% on most other laptops.
  13. Because this is the first laptop that actually comes the closest to a "bezel free" display. It's a marketing gimmick. It helps with the idea that when you see this thing it makes all other laptops look as outdated as the Apple II.

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