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By sol1109
May 26, 2014
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  1. I purchased a D-Link DGS-1100-08P POE managed switch that I am planning on using for my NAS and security cameras. I wanted to test it out but the default IP is with a subnet of I have been able to access its web page with a direct connection and my laptop set to a static IP and I have been able to access it over my wired system using the D-Link SmartConsole utility. My question is what changes should I make to integrate it into a standard home network. Is it as simple as changing the IP and Subnet or are there other things to consider? Also, If I change it to say should I change the range on the router DHCP server to start at
  2. jobeard

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    {for those unaware, the PoE means Power over Ethernet to supply power to the attached devices, aka the cameras in this case}

    I assume you are connected something like:

    isp==Modem/router ---- D-Link DGS-1100-08P -- cameras

    1. the use of 10.x.x.x / allows a very big network.
    In this configuration and a FIXED ip on the switch, you only need a static route in your primary modem/router.

    Attach the switch and login to the primary router. Look for Attached Devices.
    If your primary router is at, then the switch will have an address x.1.NN where

    a) use the Address Reservation feature to map the MAC address of the Switch to
    and thus your lan will see the switch as that address
    b) Now add a static route ->

    Your PC systems can then directly access every device attached to the switch.
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    Thanks for your response but that was not an IP range, that's a fixed address and a different subnet than the default home system. What I ended up doing was using the provided software to find the switch outside of my IP range, change it's fixed IP to a number within my network range and set it to the same subnet. Then I was able to use a standard browser URL to access the switch web page and continue setting it up. The only other problem at that point was the latest version of IE11 seems to have an incompatibility issue causing intermittent connectivity with some network devices. Best I can tell it has to do with a JAVA issue. Once I added the URL address to the browser compatibility list everything was fine.
  4. jobeard

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    Yes, that is the other approach.

    I nominated an IP range so that any device downstream of the switch could be accessed - -
    We don't set a static route for just one device, unless that is intended to cause all others to be ignored :)

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